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Valorant Snowball Fight Game Mode Released Today


The ongoing Valorant Patch 1.14 has brought in a brand new Snowball Game mode. Riot games have decided to revamp their entire Icebox map with a christmas theme for this special mode.

Earlier, Valorant was inculcated with a new casual mode, the “Spike Rush” in order to help the players bust stress from the Unrated and Ranked mode which was later followed by introducing the Deathmatch system. Riot has now planned to once again raise the spirits of the community during these holidays where the new Snowball Mode would be revealed as a part of the Valorant Patch 1.14.

Valorant Snowball Mode Release Date

Players would be able to play this brand new mode from today onwards until 29th of december. This mode will equip everyone with a Snowball launcher where the team which races first to 50 kills will win the match. Followed by this are the power-ups which would be made available at random locations across the map, wrapped as fancy gifts. Though this mode won’t let your daily missions progress, it will indeed be fun for the community.

How to play Snowball Fight In Valorant

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With yet another casual mode induced in the game, this new mode will help the players to chill out before hopping back on their grind. This TDM resembles the Unrated and the ranked modes featuring a classic 5v5 snowball fight between the two sides. Players will be able to open up the gift wrapped power-ups in order to calibrate their fire power. The Snowball gun would have infinite charges and as mentioned above, the team first to 50 points will win. The power-ups in this mode are as follows :

1. Skates : Move around quickly with skates enabled.
2. Ricochet : Would make Snowballs bounce off the surface and on walls as well.
3. Growball : The snowball would gradually increase in size while airborne.
4. Rapid Fire : Enables you to shoot with more fire-rate. 

The game developers have currently chalked out some potential plans of inculcating these modes into the game, but in the end it would depend upon what the player base desires. 

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