PUBG Mobile India Release Date: No Permission to PUBG Mobile Relaunch in India

PUBG Mobile fans are eagerly waiting for the game's return in India and no official publishing timeline has been released till date.

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PUBG Mobile and its return in India has to be one of the most trending topics in the country for the past few days. PUBG Mobile is officially back in India but somehow is facing several hurdles which are possibly delaying its launch date. Through a wild ride of speculations, one thing is clear that assumptions won’t lead anywhere until a release date is officially announced.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India almost three months ago by the IT Ministry of India. Privacy issues and data security were the major concerns for this ban after which, the game creators PUBG Corp. took some extreme steps to assure the Indian fan base that their beloved game will return very soon.

After a tough road of two months, PUBG Mobile surprised India with a social media tease post which basically confirmed that the game was returning back. Since that day, the joy and enthusiasm was seen in the PUBG Mobile community but it was only short lived. The game was first assumed to come in a couple of days since the official announcement but as days passed by, the community started getting anxious.

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The release date was the most sought after question posed by the community and there was no official response to it. Several prominent faces in the community stepped up to reveal bits of information but slowly, everyone started to convey a single message that trust the process and wait for the official announcement.

Through rounds of speculations, no solid confirmation has popped around till date so we also need to convey a single and most important message, do not blindly trust any release date or timeline you come across on social media platforms unless and until it has been officially stated by PUBG Mobile India.

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