New Valorant Map teased at Valorant First Strike Korea

Riot seems to be teasing a castle-themed map coming to Valorant in a future update.

new valorant map
Photo: Valorant First Strike Korea

Riot Games may have teased an upcoming Valorant map in the opening ceremony of Valorant First Strike Korea, and fans are already hyped about what seems to be a castle-themed map.

The latest Valorant map ‘Icebox’ was introduced to the shooter through the Act 3 update. While the snowy map seemed to have a lot of interesting stuff (like zip lines) included in it, players weren’t particularly happy about the overall map layout. This led to repeated demands from the community for a new Valorant map, and it looks like Riot has listened to the fans.

In the Valorant First Strike Korea opening ceremony, pictures of a castle surrounded by stone walls made multiple appearances in the background. Fans are believing this could be a hint towards the next map.

Previously, the developers had revealed that they were looking to “accelerate” the map-development process till they get to a minimum of 7 maps. After the addition of Icebox, the possibly upcoming castle-themed map might be the first step of Riot to reach their aim.

Besides the recurring picture of the castle, fans could also witness teasers for the next Valorant agent. According to leaks and hints from several sources, the next Valorant agent might be Japanese and named ‘Samurai Mori’.

Source: Valorant Hub