New Ranked Gun Buddies Coming To Valorant In Episode 2

Players’ final ranks for episode 1 will lock on January 11th.

Photo: Valorant

The first episode of Valorant is nearing its end, and it looks like Riot has a year-end surprise waiting for the fans of the competitive shooter.

Riot Games have announced the upcoming rank-based gun buddies that players will receive in Episode 2 depending on which part of the competitive spectrum they stand at the conclusion of Episode 1.

The tweet was also attached with pictures of all the upcoming gun buddies ranging from Iron to Immortal.

Valorant Rank gun buddy

If you’re looking to upgrade your future gun buddy, you don’t have much time left. Riot has confirmed that the Act Ranks of all Valorantt players will lock in on 11th January, which is less than a month away from now.

For the unaware, the Act Rank for each player is based on the top nine wins of that player during that Act.

These upcoming gun buddies will be certain to motivate players to achieve a better rank before the first episode ends, a move that might end up increasing the popularity of the shooter by a margin.