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Cloud9 White become Six-Time Champions of NA Valorant

The second Valorant Game Changers North America concluded last night, with Cloud9 still being the unbeaten, undisputed queen of NA Valorant. C9W beat their long-time rivals Shopify rebellion in the finals with a score of 3-1 to lift the trophy. 

Starting as MAJKL, C9W began their winning ways to win the FTW Summer Showdown, quickly to be signed as Cloud9 White. Under the Cloud9 banner, the team has beat every other Game Changers team in Valorant. They have been a force to be reckoned with since the genesis of the Game Changers Series.

Coming in with a roster change, where Bob came in after AnnieDro Stepped down, Cloud9 White had a lot to prove in the tournament and had to prove that they could dominate with the new roster. 

Starting in the Open Qualifiers, C9W started their run by winning three straight games to qualify for the event. They had to forfeit their first closed qualifier game against Immortals and go through a lower bracket run.

The managed to beat ZMM White, Misfits Black, and GenG Black to qualify for the Main event. Starting strong in the main event, C9W won Immortals 2-0. In the upper semifinals, though, Shopify Rebellion, after a close-fought game, managed to hand C9W their first defeat; with this, the record of C9W became 37 wins and one loss. 

Now in the lower bracket, C9W made a quick meal of Sanri-o’s, Dignitas, and TSM X to face Shopify Rebellion in the finals. The game started in favor of SR, winning the first map of Icebox 13-7. 

Now 0-1 down, C9W fought back harder and, after close-fought maps, managed to win the game 13-11, 13-11, and 14-12 to win the series 3-1 to become the winners of Valorant Game Changers and to retain their title. 

Amongst other things, The matches were closer, C9W had a tough tournament, F/A teams Ariana Grande perfume and Sanri-o’s managed to impact the game a lot, and we can see the level of competition rising.

Soon we would get an international event where the best Game Changers team from around the world would battle each other and see all the teams from various regions assert their dominance.

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