Does Ariana Grande have a Valorant Game Changers team?

Ariana Grande Perfume Valorant has become a hot topic, and the reason is unrelated to Ariana Grande or her involvement in eSports. Ariana Grande Perfume is a North American Game Changers Valorant Team that has been sending waves across the VCT GC II.

Ariana Grande Perfume is a F/A Team consisting of wavy, Australis, m1yu, cwaudia, Bella and e-girl. The team is coached by iroo, a former TLP/Valiant coach. 

As mentioned, the team is a F/A team, meaning an organisation does not sponsor them. They are playing the game together as a group on their expenditure. And without a proper infrastructure supporting them.

The team has been playing since June of 2022. They managed to show a strong performance at the Game Changers Academy. They participated in the current Valorant Champions tour Game Changers II NA where they managed to work their way out through the Swiss Rounds and qualify for the Closed Qualifiers. 

In the closer qualifiers, Ariana Grande Perfumes (ARI) started with a loss to Immortals, putting them into the lower bracket. In the lower bracket, They faced VersionX, where they beat them 2-0 to go into the next round.

The next opponent in NMG Celeste also fell with ARI defeating them 2-0 with scores of 13-4 and 13-7. With one win away from qualification, ARI faced Complexity GX3. The teams exchanged the first two maps with scores of 13-7 for ARI and 13-5 for GX3. It all came down to the final map.

In the final map of the series, ARI dominated GX3 and managed to win the game 13-7 to qualify for the VCT GameChangers II playoffs as a F/A team. In the playoffs, ARI faced Shopify Rebellion, one of the strongest teams in NA and lost to them despite a close-fought first map. 

Again, ARI had a chance for vengeance against Immortals in the lower brackets. With elimination on the horizon, ARI managed to pull up an upset over the Immortals beating them 13-10 and 16-14, winning the game 2-0. 

ARI would face Dignitas today and has already sent shockwaves worldwide for being a F/A team and still making such a historic run. Hopefully, they’d get signed soon and achieve many things in the future. 

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