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Trouble Brews for Fnatic Valorant as Mistic Contracts COVID

Ahead of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen, Fnatic seems to be having issues with Alfajer’s VISA trouble to Mistic’s COVID result. It is starting to appear as if the world is against Fnatic. 

If you don’t know, The second masters of Valorant Champions Tour will kick off on the 10th of July with the group stage. The event would be two weeks long, with the finals concluding on the 24th of July, crowning the new champions of the world. 

Along with the rest of the teams, this event would be a big deal for Fnatic as they are yet to cement their positions in Champions. In EMEA, Guild, FPX, and Fnatic are the three contenders for the EMEA Circuit points slot in Valorant Champions.

The team, which has a solid performance in the upcoming VCT Masters Copenhagen, would book their ticket to Istanbul to play the Valorant Champions. FPX is leading, followed by Fnatic, G2, and Guild. 

G2 will not be attending Masters Copenhagen so the race would be between Fnatic, FPX, and Guild. 

But the trouble seems to not stop for Fnatic, Similar to lost masters, where Fnatic’s team faced difficulty and had to play with two stand-ins, first due to BraveAF controversy and secondly due to Derke’s covid. 

This time, the issues started with Alfajer facing VISA issues, resolved yesterday with Fnatic’s IGL Boaster celebrating the event. 

Later, the same day, Fnatic’s Mistic, in a sarcastic comment, announced he had contracted COVID. 

Soon, Fnatic’s Team Director quickly clarified that Mistic had mild symptoms and they would play as a team in the event. If the results don’t come negative, they’d have to play from the hotel instead of the stage. 

Since Fnatic is the top seed in the EMEA, they are already part of the playoffs, with their games starting on the 14th of July. The team is already in Copenhagen and is ready to take the Master’s Trophy home this time.

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