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Valorant: Only these agents can pull off this big brain rat play on Pearl

A new rat trick has hit the first person tactical shooter.

With Pearl having hit the competitive mode in VALORANT, the player base has mined a plethora of maneuvers and tricks which bend the physics of the map seemingly punishing their opponents if you’re not careful enough.

A massive rat play has been discovered on the B-site of Pearl which indeed allows the player to manipulate their player model while looking downwards although not every agent is able to pull this trick off. Let’s get into detail with MrLowlander having posted this on his YouTube channel where he just couldn’t spot some agents hiding in this prime spot on the B-site of pearl. 

According to the YouTuber, all you would need to do is hide in the B–site Cubby while coming from B-Long and look downwards. Upon hearing your opponents’ footsteps, you may come out of your hiding and hit them while their backs turned. So far only Chamber, Brimstone, KAY/O, and Reyna can exploit this rat play while others won’t be able to just because their player models differ from the former.

While attempting this trick on Sage and Jett, your position might get compromised due to their hair being visible just above the cubby wall. This might not work every possible round as there would arrive a moment when that corner is checked and there is no one to watch your six. 

Chamber can trick his opponents in checking the corner with his Rendezvous ability by teleporting just behind them.

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