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Riot launches Project Stryker in Collaboration with AWS; Aims to improve Esports Experience

Announcing Project Stryker, Riot Games has partnered with Data Analytics and Visualization giant Amazon Web Services for its esports broadcast and statistics. This integration opens a lot of paths for Valorant and League of Legends broadcasting and viewing.

If you don’t know, Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the biggest cloud service providers. It is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc. and was established in 2002 and started providing cloud computing services in 2006.

Riot Games is already using AWS for its data storage, i.e., the AWS Servers for Valorant and league games. They have also used AWS’s Twitch services to provide a better viewing experience for VCT and Leagues tournaments.

The current collaboration saw AWS names as Riots Cloud Computing, Cloud Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Deep Learning, and Cloud services.
These services would be used by Riot to enhance insights and provide in-depth stats to people enjoying games.

Codenamed Project Stryker, The new initiative by Riot Games would see facilities being created which would be central to Riot Games Esports ecosystem would be set up, the first of which is currently operational in Dublin, Ireland.

These facilities would be an intermediate between the raw streams from the competition and the end viewer. The main job of the facilities would be to translate content and make it more meaningful for the viewers. This means adding stats people ask for, translating content, and improving the viewer experience.

The Dublin facility would now become the central hub for Project Stryker and broadcast all the international competitions for Valorant, Wild Rift, and League of Legends. The Stryker facility will receive the live feed from the events and create unique shows in various languages escalating the viewer experience.

Additionally, two more facilities are in development, one near Seatle, USA
other in Asia- Pacific. All the events would have support from a Project Stryker Hub, irrespective of their location.

We would see the debut of Project Stryker and AWS-powered stats in action with the upcoming Valorant Champion and League of Legends Worlds, where Fans can vote for the stats they most want to see.

A power ranking system and a Pick’em system would be implemented where the fans can vote for the likely results and win many exciting prizes. All these would be a collaborative effort between AWS and Riot Games and would be exciting to watch.

You can read the official Riot release here.

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