Valorant mobile release date

Valorant’s blockbuster success in the PC esports scene within its first year is hard to state. Riot Games is now eyeing mobile gaming for Valorant. 

Mobile gaming is the future, and Riot Games is making sure it has all the bases covered. The developer is now gearing up to release Valorant mobile for a modern audience that games a mile a minute. Anna Donlon has already confirmed that a mobile Valorant is underway, but when is it really coming? 

Valorant mobile may be coming sooner than expected. According to the leaks, a beta version is set to go out. 

When is Valorant mobile releasing? 

A beta version of Valorant should be released in the mid of 2022. Open beta should be expected by the end of 2022 or in 2023. 

Rumors of Valorant mobile started to circulate as soon as the PC variant found a stable footing. These rumors were fueled by a job posting on Riot Games’ website. Anna Donlon set the buzz to rest by confirming that Valorant mobile is indeed in the pipeline, providing a ballpark estimate for a release date. The Valorant executive producer says the game should be ready in “year two” of Valorant, 2022. 

It seems like the game would be ready in the provided time frame. According to credible leaker ValorLeaks, Riot Games will send out beta invites soon. He also shared an image of the beta, which suggested that Valorant’s exclusive version would require a friend invite system. This simply means that those with access will have to invite at least five friends to try out the game. It’s unknown whether this is a chain system where invited five can ask more players to take the app for a spin. 

How will Valorant mobile work? 

Valorant mobile may differ significantly from its PC counterpart. According to Anna Donlon, Riot Games is considering the needs of mobile players while building up the game. 

Valorant mobile may be a menace to play if Riot decides to clone the PC variant. FPS games aren’t the most enjoyable on phones anyway, so the developer may introduce features like aim assist. Anna Donlon has stressed that the devs aren’t looking to transfer the exact copy to phones. So, players should expect a Valorant that is more suited for mobile players. 

Will Valorant mobile have crossplay?

Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant wouldn’t have crossplay to ensure a healthy esports scene and enjoyable experience for all. 

Crossplay generally doesn’t work well for FPS games due to mechanical differences. Those on PC may have an edge due to high-end peripherals designed for a comfortable shooter experience. This disparity mars the competitive experience. However, Riot doesn’t plan to add crossplay, so Valorant players are in the clear.