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5 Best Agents in Valorant

Riot has indeed stormed the community with its brand new first-person shooter, Valorant. Although the game has some unique mechanics similar to Overwatch, it leans more towards the theme than that of CSGO.

Valorant is an agent-based game where you can go on to select one from the pool of 15. Just like Overwatch or a random MOBA-element game, your agent would be equipped with abilities, among which would be an ultimate, recharged over a course of rounds played/ kills acquired or by securing ultimate orbs.

Agents in Valorant are divided according to their roles, the diversity of their abilities, and their overall impact upon the game. Hence they are placed in 4 different groups, as listed below:

  • Duelist: This kind of agents use their own abilities to frag across the map, better known as “self-sufficient fraggers”
  • Controller: They usually tear apart a part of the map’s territory eventually manipulating the odds in their team’s favor.
  • Sentinel: Sentinels can prove to be a great threat due to their abilities which can lock the opponent up in a specific avenue, eventually making them more vulnerable to untimely fights. They might also watch out for potential flanks for their team.
  • Initiator: Forcing an enemy out of their hideouts, they have the ability to contest a site
  • An ideal Valorant team would require a combination of 2 Duelists, 1 Controller, 1 Sentinel, and 1 Initiator.
  • Today we bring you the best five agents in Valorant with whom you can unleash the ultimate winning potential. 

Phoenix: Duelist

Phoenix valorant

One of the original duelists in the game, Phoenix is known to have been blessed with all the traits any agent could have. From flashing his opponent with the curveball to building up a wall to slice up a site, he can stage a versatile fight to finish things up. His ultimate “Run It Back” can indeed be used to set up recon while entering a site as at the end of the timer, he spawns back on the spot from where he triggered it. Another ability of his i.e “Hot Hands”, a kind of an incendiary, can be used to clear an angle but can also heal Phoenix if low on health.

Jett: Duelist

jett valorant

Jett is basically known for her mobility which can help her to escape if she senses vulnerability on the move. People usually wield the operator while playing Jett as her “Dash” ability allows them to change positions after a quick peek at their opponents. Jett can also manipulate her enemy defense by repetitively deploying cloudburst smokes in an attempt to enter a specific site. Her updraft ability which pumps her up in the air can make her focus the “Blade Storm” ultimate with a terrorizing accuracy.

Sage: Sentinel

sage valorant

Proven as the best healer in-game, she can bring you back from the afterlife if her ultimate’s all charged up. Her slow orbs won’t let the enemies escape while her barriers would lock the opposition from rushing a specific site. Low on health? Not an issue. Sage will heal you up for a total of 60 Health points within 5 seconds.

Sova: Initiator

sova valorant

Sova can provide his team with some groundbreaking intel over his opponents. His Recon bolt can lure enemies out of their hiding places and so can his Owl drone which could fire a dart to reveal the opponent’s location. Once spotted, they might need to escape in order to dodge Sova’s Shock bolts, which can inflict heavy damage.

Brimstone: Controller

brimstone valorant

Having Brimstone on the team can easily help you get control of a specific site or an avenue, thanks to his Sky Smokes, an ability that lets the agent release smoke even from a distance. Upon entering, Brimstone can even aid by throwing an incendiary to tamper enemy movements. During fights, just a stim beacon will bolster your weapon’s fire rate, just like Reyna’s in her ultimate. His Ultimate, The “Orbital Strike” nearly scorches up a site once cast but might require a great sense of timing and precision. 

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