Valorant: 5 Best Guns

It’s been almost a year since Valorant evolved from the beta phase and since then the game has attracted unreal hype, luring a plethora of professional players.

Although the game has unique abilities similar to Overwatch, it leans more towards the theme than that of CSGO. Just like the latter, players do stand a chance to select from a range of weapons to play with.

When Compared to CSGO, load-outs bear no difference. Just like the former, Valorant got a wide pallet of choices, right from pistols to snipers.

Alongside any weapon can be bought irrespective of what side you’re playing upon, be it the attacking or defensive side, unlike CSGO where the AK-47 and M4A4 are exclusively available to the Ts and CTs respectively.

Today we will discuss the top five weapons present in the Riot’s first-person tactical shooter.

Vandal (Cost: 2900 Credits)


Vandal can solely be relied upon if your team opts to invest. Known for its range and damage rate, this weapon has proven to be lethal by various professional players. Its spray pattern might be the hardest to control but might aid you if you land all of your shots accurately. 

Operator (Cost: 5000 Credits)


This sniper is mainly used by the ones who main Jett as their primary agent due to her “Dash” Ability which allows the player to escape if he/she fails to land the shot. Wielding an Operator is indeed deemed to be a responsibility due to its noxious nature. Fire it once and your opponent is dead if you’re accurate.

Sheriff (Cost: 800 Credits)


Dubbed as the “Desert Eagle” from CSGO, Sheriff is usually bought if your team opts for an economy round. It’s the one among the other lethal weapons in the game as a headshot kill can be achieved if you go for your opponent’s head. Till now it’s considered to be the most expensive sidearm available in the game.

Spectre (Cost: 1600 Credits)


Spectre falls in the game’s submachine gun category and is known to ambush enemies by its silenced firing. It is moderately priced at 1600 credits and is usually bought when the team opts for a force-buy round. Highly effective at close ranges, it does live upto an extent against a well-equipped opponent if you play responsibly. 

Odin (Cost: 3200 credits)


Odin is often known as the “Heavy Cavalry” and can often be used to anchor a specific bomb site. It is the second most expensive weapon on Valorant’s market loadout after the Operator which is priced at 5000 credits. Odin does have the capacity to penetrate walls due to its high magazine size and fire rate. 

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