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YADINHO: All you need to know about this trending hashtag

There’s this hashtag trending on social media since the last couple of days. Users across the world are pondering over #YADINHO. Several prominent social media handles across industries are tweeting about #YADINHO. There are esports organizations, Neymar, football clubs, OTT streaming platform and many others in Brazil tweeting with this hashtag.

Cut to the chase, #YADINHO is a fusion of Yayahuz and Lindinho. The former is a variety streamer while the latter usually streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Seperated by borders amid the pandemic, the lovebirds hadn’t seen each other since quite some time. 

Both are Brazilians but Yayahuz had been in Paraguay lately. They had earlier established a crowdfunding campaign as well to get her back to Brazil. To the fans’ astonishment, she returned back to Brazil on May 13 and appeared live on Lindinho’s Twitch livestream.

Yayahuz was at first playing ukulele and later kissed Lindinho. This very moment took the whole internet by storm. #YADINHO began spreading like wildfire to honour their unwavering spirit of adoration. Twitch community has had several light-hearted moment. The wholesome community is nothing short of a virtual family.

Let’s glance over several popular tweets with hashtag #YADINHO :-

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