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Valorant Fan Creates Prime Operator

Valorant has been a very popular game since its launch and Riot have tried to make changes in the game on a very regular basis including the addition of skins. 

Recently, one of the players designed a custom Prime skin set for the Operator that includes the collection’s iconic design and color schemes. The Prime collection is one of the most popular skins in the game which includes skins for the Classic, Guardian, Spectre, Vandal, and a unique ax melee skin. 

The Prime 2.0 skin collection introduced the iconic designs to the Bucky, Frenzy, Odin, and Phantom. It also included a new unique melee weapon. 

Both of the collections did not include an Operator skin so one of the fans made a custom skin that also included the color scheme of gold and black and posted it on Reddit which received 10.8k upvotes. 

Many of the players liked the design and expressed how they wish it were available in the game. Riot Games has not considered fan-made weapon designs yet and it is quite unlikely that this exact Operator skin will make it into the game. 

Although the popularity of this skin and the fans might eventually convince Riot to bring this Operator skin into the game. 

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Kanishka Thakur
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