Nadeshot gives up Twitch partnership to stream CDL matches


100 Thieves CEO Matthew Haag aka NaDeSHoT has decided to give up Twitch partnership to co-stream Call of Duty League matches on YouTube.

CDL’s exclusive deal with YouTube prevents any official streamer from broadcasting matches on a rival platform, one of which being Twitch. NaDeSHot desire to co-stream outweighs his Twitch membership which he gave up, leaving his name on Amazon’s streaming service without a tick next to it.

Despite not being partnered, NaDeSHot will be able to continue streaming on Twitch at the same time broadcasting CDL’s content on YouTube. In short, giving up a handful of privileges to stream official Call of Duty may not be such a bad thing especially for a former pro.

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“I think it works out really well because I’ll hopefully be able to co-stream Call of Duty matches that LA Thieves have. I’m not really changing much, I’m not leaving Twitch, just being an Affiliate gives me a little bit of freedom on where I can stream and where I can’t.” said Haag.

With Stage 4 kicking off in the coming weeks, we might see NaDeSHoT co-broadcasting the games on YouTube in no time. Haag is no ordinary streamer of the game but a legend in the competitive scene, his performances for OpTic Gaming is remembered to this day. Given his stature in the COD esports scene, no one should doubt his unprecedented decision any further.