Photo: Dexerto

According to Riot’s Anti-Cheat data Engineer, Phillip Koskinas, Riot has successfully managed to banish 1600 cheaters from their trending FPS Title Valorant which is being monitored in a closed beta environment.

Upon introducing the game which was initially named as “Project A”, Riot had addressed to the community about how would they provide a retaliation towards the cheaters. No sooner they inculcated Vanguard in their game, than a plethora of cheaters have already been booted up with over 8873 tricksters got convicted in the first ban wave. This was followed by the recent ban wave which saw more 1600 cheaters getting convicted where all of them were adjudged as “SoulBans” by Philip upon being asked about the nature of the bans.

Since the launch, Vanguard has played a pivotal role in banishing the cheaters from the game but we would be able to determine its real potential only upon the game’s global launch.

A second chance?

According to a report from Riot will be looking forward to providing a second chance to some of the cheaters once the game gets out of the closed beta. But until then, Riot will continue to impose bans on these cheaters.

The community does seem to believe in Philip Koskinas as the latter has been successful in going undercover among the cheat developers and the sellers, where he has managed to haunt them with a never ending sense of fear.