Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game by Valve corporations that was released way back in 2012 as a successor to Counter-Strike: Source with a heap of improvements. The game was soon to skyrocket in player counts and attained worldwide popularity in only a few months of its release. CSGO received applauds from casual and hardcore gamers alike due to it being newbie-friendly but also possessing a high skill ceiling.

Throughout the years, the average skill level in CSGO has been riding an increasing curve with new weapon changes being introduced every so often. Players looking to improve in the competitive shooter have focused on practicing aiming, spray control, movement and map knowledge to break through to the very top levels of the competitive spectrum.

The Counter Strike series has provided the gaming world with a plethora of new fancy terms, and Global Offensive seemed to have added a lot more to the list. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these terms, not only are you facing a disadvantage against other players, but chances are that you’re also dragging your team down with your sinking ship.

Here are some keywords and terms in CSGO that you need to know:

Ace – When a single player wipers out the entire opposition (10 players in casual or 5 in competitive).

Airstrafe – Synchronising mouse movements and keyboard key presses while in air to maximize flying velocity and increase distance.

Anti-Eco – When one team doesn’t invest heavily into a round, the other team is said to be in an Anti-Eco. 

Backstab – Callout used for warning teammates that an enemy might be trying to flank from behind.

Bhop – Bunny hopping, or bhop for short, is the art of continuously hitting jumps while airstrafing to greatly increase velocity and making the target much harder to hit.

Bind – To assign a certain key to a certain task or script, usually through the console.

Bomb/C4 – The explosive which the terrorists have to plant in a bombsite to blow stuff up and win a round.

Boost – The process of lifting a teammate on your head, to help him climb an object, or to surprise enemies by holding off-angles.

Camp – To stay in one place waiting for enemies to arrive instead of moving throughout the map looking for kills.

Collateral – To hit (or kill) two or more enemies in one bullet.

Coop – A type of custom map which is found in the workshop which can be played with friends. Co-op maps require cooperation among the teammates and generally have a storyline within them.

CFG – A series of scripts compiled together in one file which can be loaded in the game through the console.

Clutch – When the last remaining player kills off the enemy players or wins a round all by himself.

Config – The config file holds all the audio, video settings of a player along with keybinds and player preferences.

Eco – When a team is low on cash and saves up all the money for a proper buy in the next round, or just makes a light buy, that team is said to be on Eco.

Entry – The first kill in any round is crucial for both the teams, and is said to be an entry frag.

Execute – The process of entering or taking a bombsite. Executing typically means terrorists throwing smokes and flashes into the bombsite before trying to enter it.

Flank – Trying to catch enemies off-guard from behind them.

Flick – A shot pulled on an enemy who’s way out of the aiming line of a player.

Gay – Unofficial term for the auto-snipers given by the community.

Global – Short for Global Elite, the most prestigious rank in CSGO.

Graffiti – Spray paints that can be bought or received as drops which can be used on walls and surfaces.

IGL – The In-game leader of a team. The IGL is the person who calls out shots and communicates strategies to his teammates.

Juan Deag – Headshotting an enemy with a Deagle using only a single bullet.

Kobe – When a player scores a good grenade kill, he is often referred to as Kobe as a sign of respect to the basketball player.

KZ – Maps in CSGO designed specifically to test and improve player movement, often in a competitive environment.

Lit/Low/Tagged – When a player does damage to an enemy before dying, he calls out that the enemy is lit, low or tagged.

LJ – Short for long jump. It’s a combination of airstrafing and jumping to make longer jumps (Window to Cat jump in Mirage).

Lurker – A lurker is the one who primarily focuses on flanking the opposition, clearing abandoned sites and catching enemies off-guard.

Minigames – Another custom game mode in CSGO. Can be played with friends for a more light-hearted and casual environment without the stresses of competitive.

Molly – Slang for the molotov or the incendiary grenade.

Nade – Short for HE grenades, sometimes also used to refer to any grenade in general.

Ninja – When a CT defuses a bomb with one or more enemies still alive.

Nova – Term used to refer to players of the Gold Nova rank, the most dense rank in CSGO. Also a shotgun in the game.

Recoil – When a gun is fired in CSGO, it causes the accuracy to fluctuate and the bullets go upwards.

Retake – The process of capturing a bombsite as a CT after the terrorists have already executed and planted the bomb.

Rotate – Going from one site to another.

Rush – Making a swift push towards a bombsite or to any area, typically done without wasting time on utilities.

Save – Saving a weapon instead of engaging the enemy when a round seems lost or the bomb is about to explode.

Silver – The lowest set of ranks in the competitive spectrum, also used as an insult sometimes towards bad players.

Smurf – A player who uses a second account to play against lower skilled players.

Spam/ Wallbang – Shooting through walls or doors, hoping to cause damage to enemies.

Spinbot – A form of cheating where the cheater spins rapidly while simultaneously killing enemies.

Spray Control – The art of compensating for the recoil of a weapon through counter mouse movements.

Stack – When all the players of a team (typically CT) focus on holding one site only.

Surf – A special mechanism in CSGO which enables players to gain velocities when strafing through tilted smooth surfaces.Waller – Another form of cheating which involves seeing through walls, doors and boxes to spot enemies in advance.

We’re bringing for you another version of this which’ll have most of the in-game callouts, which’ll help you to grow your attentiveness to the game and execute the gameplay well.