Valorant to get new game mode HURM

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Valorant was becoming stagnant in terms of game mode for a long time, players often find themselves in death-matches to train their aim, but nothing has been done to practice the abilities against live players.

Ability-enabled team death-matches allows players to practise the abilities, before trying them out in a live match. There are several offensive abilities that require aiming and dynamism that can be improved with practise.

Valorant Game Mode: HURM

This new game mode will see players change the way they warmup. Players often craved to practise abilities in real time against real players where they can improve its application without having to create a server alone to practise them.

Besides practise, there is a fun factor that can attract players to it. A new game mode is always fun and allows it to compete with CSGO who’s open source nature leaves room for crazy new game modes.

The audience reaction from the leaks suggest that it will be a great addition to the game but given if it is dropped where certain abilities make it unplayable will make waste of a great idea.

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