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Valorant: New ‘Avoid Player’ Feature Coming Soon

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Toxicity and griefing is not a new thing in Valorant, which is why an ‘Avoid Player’ feature has always been heavily requested by players of the competitive shooter since the dawn of the game’s release.

Luckily, it seems that Riot Games has listened to the Valorant player base, as recent leaks suggest that the devs might be enabling players to add players to their Avoid List to minimize the chances of being queued up with them.

New ‘Avoid Player’ Feature Coming to Valorant Soon

The ‘Avoid Player’ feature has previously been used in some other popular competitive multiplayer titles like DOTA 2, where it has found remarkable success. Riot Games adding it to Valorant will also certainly be a welcome change in the community.

According to a Tweet from prominent Valorant dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’, players will be able to add other players to the ‘Avoid List’ in the near future. Adding players to your avoid list will prevent them from being placed on the same team as you.

However, it seems that there’s still a chance that you’ll get placed with players on your ‘Avoid List’. As per the leak, players in your list will only be “less likely” to be a part of your team “for the next few days.”

The details of the ‘Avoid Player’ feature haven’t been revealed by Riot Games as of yet, and neither has the feature been confirmed by the devs at the time of writing.

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