Valorant Act 3 is set to implement a series of new changes to the competitive shooter. Since the first looks at the upcoming new agent and the map Icebox have already been revealed, the change that players will now be looking forward to the most is the revamped competitive system.

Riot has mentioned that they’re planning to change a bunch of aspects in rated matchmaking of Valorant. The changes will primarily be focused on improving the quality of matchmaking in the higher ranks, but there’s also something that every single player will enjoy – server selection.

Yes, you heard that right. Starting from Act 3, Valorant players will be able to choose their preferred server locations while queuing for a ranked game. While that doesn’t ensure you get placed on that server every single time due to “matchmaking reasons”, selecting a preferred server will certainly boost your chances of getting placed in your preferred server by a significant margin.

The other changes of the competitive revamp include the Rank queue restrictions being tightened from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, and Immortal+ rank outcomes being completely dependent on wins and losses instead of individual performances.

As confirmed by Riot, Act 3 will arrive in Valorant on October 13th.