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ScreaM tries new Valorant Agent Skye on icebox

Read on to find out what the ‘headshot machine’ thought of the upcoming agent.

The new Valorant agent Skye is set to arrive on October 27th, two weeks after the release of Act 3.The Australian agent will have a skillset packed with utility which any team would love to have.

Former CSGO legend and ‘headshot machine’ Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom tried his hands on the new agent today, and it seems like he’s thoroughly impressed by it.

In his YouTube video published today, ScreaM reveals his first impressions on Skye. The Team Liquid star personally inspected all of her skills and explained how could they be used in actual games. He also tested out the other upcoming aspects of Act 3 like the updated Battle Pass and the new snow-themed map Icebox.

While all of Skye’s skills were met with excitement from ScreaM, the two skills that seemed to impress him the most were ‘Guiding Light’ and her ultimate ‘Seeker’. Guiding light allows the player to send out a bird that can be controlled at will, and can be popped anytime to flash everyone looking at it.

“It’s a flash. So we have three flashes guys, that you can control and then they explode and then they’re blind bro,” the 26-year-old commented on the skill. “Like what is this it’s amazing man!”

Living up to its name, her ultimate ‘Seeker’ sends three wolves to seek out enemies’ positions and if not dealt with quickly, near sights them for a short span of time. “It’s a wallhack, if you wanna know, it’s a wallhack okay?” ScreaM said.

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