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Valorant New Agent 22 Teased; Details Inside

Riot Games has revealed today that they will be adding 3 new agents to their First Person Tactical shooter by the end of this year.

John Goscicki, character producer at VALORANT mentioned in a State Of Agents video that the game will be getting an Initiator, Sentinel and an agent from an unknown class, to be decided. Riot has been oddly silent on the 2023 cohort of the third and final agent.

As mentioned by John, the third agent is probably still in its early stages of development and it is yet to be revealed which class the agent belongs to. At this point, it’s only a conjecture. 

As additional agents are added to the game, Goscicki predicts that not all classes will have the same amount of players. A healthy mix of players and play styles is essential, he noted, as it always has been. 

Goscicki announced in the State of the Agents video that the upcoming agent will have an improved method of checking corners and gaining access to sites. 

John did announce in the State of the Agents video that the upcoming agent will have an improvised method for checking corners and opening up sites for businesses. 

Riot Games had earlier confirmed the release of a new Valorant Agent, game modes and maps for 2023. “SmokeDancer” was rumored as the codename for the newest Controller agent to be introduced in the game. 

Despite several leaks suggesting the launch of SmokeDancer in the near future, it would be wise if you keep the bar low before its actual release. 

A plethora of leaks on the internet have confirmed the development of SmokeDancer to be in progress as the developers eye for its release by VCT Masters Japan 2023.

The forthcoming coming would contribute to a much more “relaxing” manner than fans had been expecting. While this might make players wonder if Agent 22 has teleportation powers, the most exciting innovation he could bring to the game strategy equation is a novel approach to planting the spike.

The new agent will cipher an “eclectic” strategy which would take them to the goal. Players would discover “new ways to check corners” and “get into locations,” as put by John in the video. 

Ahead of the agent’s global release, the agent will be made available by Riot on the PBE i.e the game’s Public Beta Environment. PBE is a test server which allows game testers, content creators to pitch in their feedback before the update is shipped on to the game’s main client. 

An agent teaser was put on Twitter by Dataminer ValorLeaks which had the agent chilling while sipping on his Boba Tea. Also in the teaser, we get to see the agent getting a call from someone named, “Beard Papi” which has Brimstone as their display picture. Well, can we just settle on the fact that this new agent is of Spanish descent? 

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Q: When will the new agents be released?
A: Riot Games has stated that the new agents will be released in 2023, but they have not provided a specific release date.

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