Earlier today Valorant’s Twitter handle for Arab region tweeted, “You asked us about the Middle-East servers…and here we go – you’ll start noticing the low ping soon.” And the servers are live within three hours. 

Several users in the Middle-East region who would earlier connect to the EU servers have now rejoiced with comparatively low latency amid the launch of Middle-East servers. The servers are apparently situated in Dubai, UAE.

The new servers are not a stunning revelation though. The developers had earlier announced that they are working on deploying servers in Middle-East and South Asia. The servers were initially delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the developers had pledged lag-free gaming and less than 35ms ping for the majority of the gamers prior to the release, Riot Games seems to be hell-bent on delivering their promises wasting no time.

Earlier today, Riot Games also unveiled the Valorant website in the Arabic language for the region.

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