Riot testing Indian Valorant servers? Players report low latencies on custom games

Over the past few hours, Indian Valorant players are reporting experiencing lower than usual pings when playing custom games.

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Indian Valorant servers may be nearer than you think, as reports from hundreds of Indian Valorant players hint towards Riot experimenting with Indian servers over the past few hours.

It was only a few weeks ago that Riot had promised fans that Valorant servers for the Middle East and South Asia were in works. Today, Riot revealed the new Valorant website for the UAE, and a post by Valorant Arabia on Twitter has claimed that players from the Middle East will soon be able to enjoy low pings in matchmaking, which hints towards the UAE servers launching anytime soon.

Alongside the launch of the UAE servers, there’s also a good chance that the Indian Valorant servers will also be revealed at the same time.

Players across India reported today that they experienced extremely low pings on custom games, which is highly unusual, considering the fact that Valorant servers are situated in South East Asia.

These occurrences have led players to suspect that Riot may be testing out the Mumbai servers right now, before an official launch.

An official date for the launch of Mumbai servers for the shooter hasn’t been made public by Riot as of yet, but they can be expected to arrive at the end of this year.

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