Valorant maybe coming to consoles, according to the latest update

valorant console

The well-known Valorant data miner and leaker known as “Shiick” has uncovered some compelling evidence that points to the debut of the popular first-person shooter game on consoles.

After the most recent patch update for Valorant 5.03, Shiick reportedly found multiple picture icons of the controller/gamepad control bindings for PlayStation and Xbox within the game files themselves. This information was disclosed in his most recent tweet.

Valorant Coming To Console:

Many members of the community were taken aback by the speculation and theory because Valorant is a tactical shooter game designed specifically for the audience of CS: GO on the personal computer and would have a very different style of gameplay if features such as crossplay were made available between these different platforms.

Others feel that the files may be tied to the coming of formal controller support on the already existing PC platform, despite the fact that the majority of people are leaning toward the hypothesis that a new console is being developed.

The game does not yet have gamepad support, hence the only way to play with a controller is to make use of third-party software such as InputMapper or REWASD, both of which are unreliable and have the potential to cause input latency.

As was indicated before, Shiick has uncovered a number of graphical representations of controller bindings for various Xbox and PlayStation accessories

These are separate picture files that have been placed under a directory of files called “Gamepad.” The directory also has two other child files that are entitled “XboxOne” and “PlayStation4”, respectively.

It is important to keep in mind that these are only rumors or theories, and that we should never draw any conclusions about anything until we have received official confirmation of it.