Valorant may have copied CSGO’s recoil pattern

When Riot Games announced the arrival of their competitive shooter Valorant, every FPS fanatic was hyped, as for the first time in esports history, an FPS game was about to challenge CS:GO for its throne.

With leaks and teasers, Riot has been feeding us information about how this game will shape up once it is released. After announcing the launch of a closed beta which will be available on 7th April, Riot games hosted a Twitch Rivals match where esports professionals and personalities took their first look at the game along with us as viewers.

Riot Games are not afraid to show the fact that Valorant is heavily inspired from CS:GO. From their economic system, how rounds revolve around a C4 explosive, and basically an overall concept of the game is very much alike.

In a Tweet by 100 Thieves, they depicted how the recoil pattern of guns are extremely similar to that of CS: GO. Especially the Vandal and the Phantom, the two assault rifles might make you feel that they are the same AK-47 and M4A4 respectively that you’ve been spraying through the last decade.

Recoil has been an important aspect of CS: GO, going through the trouble to perfect your sprays makes the game all the more interesting. Every weapon posts its own unique recoil pattern, which was introduced as a mod in the 1999 edition of the game.

We have to wait until the game goes public before dropping a verdict over its similarities to CS: GO. The Twitch Rivals game generated an overall positive response and participants are excited for the game to go public for the competition to build on.