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Valorant First Strike Brackets Explained

First Strike will be the first Valorant tournament to be officially hosted by Riot Games.

If you’re an avid Valorant fan, then you’ve probably heard of First Strike, the first Valorant major. The First Strike major was announced several weeks ago as the first tournament to be officially organized by Riot themselves. The tournament will feature a prize pool of a whopping $100,000 in the North American region, as revealed by Riot earlier.

Curious about how the event will be organized? Or perhaps planning to join the tournament with your team? Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming First Strike Valorant tournament.

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Nerd Street Gamers Open Qualifiers

The NSG open qualifiers are scheduled to start from 26th October. It’ll feature 128 participating teams, out of which only 16 teams qualify to the next stage.

First Qualifier

The 16 qualified teams from the NSG open quals will now battle it out for a place in the top 8. From the top 8, the top 4 teams directly advance to First Strike, while the next 4 teams have to participate in the second qualifiers. The first qualifier will run from November 4-8.

UMG Open Qualifiers

The UMG open quals will feature 128 participating teams similar to the NSG qualifiers and will start from November 11th. The 12 top teams will get a chance to prove themselves in the second qualifiers.

Second Qualifier

This qualifier will include the twelve qualifying teams from the UMG qualifiers, and the four teams from the first qualifier. Once again, the top 4 teams advance to VALORANT First Strike Event

First Strike

The eight qualifying teams will fight it out in the main stage. The First Strike main event will start on December 3rd and conclude on December 6th, with a prize pool of $100,000 up for grabs.

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