After Jett and Sage, it appears like Cypher is the next Valorant to receive a huge nerf to its skillset in the next update.

According to some recent tweets from Valorant Leaks on Twitter, the upcoming patch 1.11 is about to bring a series of nerfs to the agent Cypher. The tweets which have now been deleted mentioned the following changes to Cypher coming in the next update:

  • Upon Cypher’s death, his Tripwire will be visible and disabled.
  • Upon Cypher’s death, his Spy Cam will be visible and disabled.

Update: Valorant Patch Notes 1.11 – Cypher & Killjoy Nerfed

Note that these changes are only effective once Cypher dies, so the agent will be equally as useful as before if left alive.

In case you’re wondering the point of the traps going visible even after being disabled, it’s for the enemy team’s players to get an idea where the Cypher is placing his traps, making more room for creative plays from both sides. The same concept applies for Cypher’s cam.


Apart from the Cypher nerf, patch 1.11 will introduce the new agent Skye to the competitive shooter and Icebox will be available to play in ranked mode.

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