Valorant Agent 21: Abilities, Codename, and More

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The subsequent new agent for Valorant is scheduled to make their debut later in Episode 5.

Fade, a Radiant Initiator, is the latest addition, but Agent 21 will soon join the fray.

The codename of Agent 21 was the first piece of information that we were given prior to its official unveiling.

Valorant Agent 21

On July 29, 2022, the new version 5.03 of the PBE was made available. Almost immediately after that, a Valorant Dataminer by the name of Floaxy posted a tantalizing screenshot of an email from Fade. The warning was about the Range in the PBE 5.03 software.

If this is the case, then much like Brimstone or Viper, the new character will probably be in charge of holding the smokes for a team and taking care of annoying sightlines. In other words, they will be similar to Brimstone.

This phrase has direct ties to Riot Games’ other gaming juggernaut, and its use may point to the possibility of another crossover between the two games, similar to the one that occurred between Neon and Zeri.

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Shortly after this codename became public knowledge on the internet, Riot Entertainment released an early teaser that appeared to reveal the character’s real name. On July 30, the name “Varun Batra” was seen in an email that was sent out to the Practice Range.

According to the release timetables of previous episodes, it is highly unlikely that a new member would join the cast until Episode 5 Act 2 is distributed sometime around August 24, 2022. This is everything we know about the unknown newcomer, from their allegedly leaked pseudonym to the powers that have been speculated about them.

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