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Valkyrae to join NoPixel for GTA stream with Sykkuno

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The most popular female streamer of 2020, Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is set to join GTA RP server NoPixel that houses some of the biggest names in RP streaming.

With the dying hype of Among Us, streamers like Sykkuno and Valkyrae are turning towards other games to maintain their standing. The obvious choice for them is GTA RP and NoPixel is the ideal server to hop into. Though Sykkuno was hesitating to enter into the world of RP as none of his friends would switch and now that Valkyrae has confirmed her entry, many more streamers are to follow suit.

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“It was fun, you should play,” “I’m for sure playing, Friday,” conversed Sykkuno and Rae. “I figured I would try it Friday. I was inspired by Sykkuno,” she added.

Valkyrae’s confirmation to play GTA from Friday immediately prompted Sykkuno to cook up plans where they rob a bank and eventually build a criminal empire along with his friends who are expected to jump ship from Among Us.

With many big streamers already leading a life in NoPixel, Valkyare will add to the excitement and hype surrounding the server. Join in on 13th March see it all unfold for yourself on her YouTube channel.

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