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Valkyrae blast viewer for saying she looks tired without makeup

Content creator of the year for 2020 may have marked herself as the most successful female streamer across the world but all that isn’t enough to impress this one viewer who thinks she look tired without makeup.

Valkyrae’s personality and gameplay pulls millions of viewers to her streams from across the globe and while most enjoy their time on her stream, some viewers always seem to want something more from her. During her last live stream, Rae cam across one viewer who mentioned that “needed some sleep.”.

As soon she read the message, her stream transitioned into her webcam screen which is otherwise remains tucked in a side. She came close to the camera and explained that it’s simply her not putting on makeup the usual makeup.

“It’s because I don’t have makeup on,” Rae said. “You know what? Your E-Girl crush that you think is all natural actually has makeup on. Okay? Listen. I’m just sick of putting on makeup, alright? It’s my natural face!”

Looks isn’t what a streamer should be judged upon and its hard to tell whether the viewer was actually concerned for her health or just dropped a comment for the fun of it. Whatever it may be, she was quick to explain everything putting an end to any further drama that might arise.

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