Twitch Channel Points Reward Loyal Esports Fans

Rewarding loyal fans aren’t a new thing on Twitch. Many streamers have been giving out badges, points and other incentives to their best fans for years. However, most of these gifts haven’t been really attractive to fans. As a solution, Twitch has introduced a game-changing loyalty program called Channel Points.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

Twitch channel points are like bonuses loyal fans earn from watching their favorite streamers consistently. To be clear, everyone has a chance a chance to earn loyalty points. You only need to watch a stream for five minutes to qualify for 10 to 50 points.

Participate in a raid or follow a channel and you’ll be in for 250 or 300 points respectively. Watch 2-5 streams in a row and you’ll earn 300 to 450 points. There’s a caveat. You must watch at least ten minutes of a stream and take 30-minute breaks between streams.

Another award is the first cheer, awarded once a month (300 points). Then there’s the first subscription gift award. It attracts 500 points every month to loyal subscribers.

Quick tip: Subscribe to an esports Twitch channel to increase your points over time. Precisely—your points increase 1.2 times once you get to tier one. Then you receive 1.4 times more points for tier two and 2x more points than unsubscribed members if you’re a tier three fan.

What are Points be redeemed for?

As we mentioned earlier, of the problems Twitch wants to solve with channel points is the lack of clarity around reward programs. So, here are some of the things fans receive for their loyalty:

  • 24-hour access to a random sub emote
  • 24-hour access to a message-highlighting feature
  • Enable sub-only mode when sending messages
  • Access to a modified emote

Channel owners are also allowed to customize their reward programs. For example, they can redesign the look of channel points to align to their brand colors. They can also adjust the value of points so that only the most deserving fans get rare awards.

So far, streamers have been pretty creative around customized rewards. Some channels allow you to dance during a stream. Or you could choose the map your favorite streamer players next. They could also let you customize a game character or give a shout out to someone.

Twitch Channel Points Predictions

One exciting quality of twitch channel points is that you can gamble them…sort of. has all the information about the prediction aspect, including why they are not classified as true gambling. But as a hint, here’s what to expect.

A channel owner comes up with something to predict. Let’s say your favorite streamer is playing PUBG. He could set up this question. “Will I finish in the top ten?” He also provides the two possible answers—Yes or No and the costs to participate.

Fans can cast their votes for an unlimited number of times. After that, a pop up window appears showing several fast about the poll. For example, it shows the number of votes cast, the amount of points spent and how many points each fan that got the question correctly gets.

Twitch channel points predictions aim to make streams as interactive as it gets. And because that’s the goal of every streamer and fan, predictions could soon become the best thing about Twitch channel points.

How to Claim Channel Points

Twitch is yet to roll out channel points on all channels. Only about half of the channels have these rewards. So, start by checking whether your favorite streamers can give out points. The feature is available at the bottom left section of the chat window.

Click it to reveal the kind of rewards a channel provides, the number of points needed and how to get them. Then watch a stream for at least ten minutes to get the minimum number of points required for rewards.

Once you acquire points, get back to the channel points section and click the emotes and features to unlock. Twitch will ask you to confirm the action before unlocking your rewards.

Frequently asked Questions

Twitch channel points are fairly features. As a result, there’s plenty of unclear information around how they work. Get a clear glimpse of what they are all about in these FAQ questions and answers.

How much do Twitch Channel Points cost?

Twitch channel points are free. You earn these points by watching live broadcasts, subscribing to new channels, cheering and participating in polls. Channel owners determine the requirements for claiming points and how you can use them.

Are channel points available for all channels?

No, not yet. Channel points are available to 50% of broadcasters on Twitch. What’s more, streamers must enable these features for you to access them. Twitch says it’s working on availing the reward program to more channels but this could take a few weeks or a couple of months.

How many points do you earn by watching live broadcasts?

On many channels, you earn 10 points for watching a broadcast for ten minutes. However, some streamers are more generous and could award you up to 50 points. The best way to earn numerous points is by subscribing to a channel and engaging with its streamers regularly.

What are Twitch Channel Points Predictions?

Channel points predictions are a creative way for fans to interact with streamers. Broadcasters ask fans to participate in polls and quizzes by costing votes. Each vote costs a specific number of channel points. The points are then collected into a prize pool and winners share the amount.

For clarity, channel points predictions do not equate to gambling. That’s because the points have no real world value. What’s more, fans don’t win money or anything that could be monetized.

Your Turn Want to earn Twitch channel points? Look for channels with these reward points and subscribe. You’ll earn 300 points instantly. Then watch at least one broadcast, take part in raids, and watch more content. If the channel is great, become a loyal. You’ll earn even more points for leveling up.