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MrBeast discuss his future in Twitter Q&A

Getting insane views in YouTube often translates to insane amount money but getting such viewership often takes up hard work of a lifetime. Unless you are doing something different that everyone, there will be at least 10 YouTubers who have videos on your idea that felt unique until this point.

MrBeast for one popularized giving money on YouTube, though there were YouTubers in the past who shared a huge amount of money to show their gratitude towards someone or something, but MrBeast did often did it for no reason what so ever, and donated to random people with no prior association. This was something unprecedented but the community took a liking of it and he statred posting insane views on his videos.

In a recent Twitter QnA, an avid fan asked about his expectations form his YouTube channel for 2021 where Donaldson said the following. “I think YouTube will still be massive in a decade and I’m never taking my foot off the gas.

Take my current projections and apply them over 10 years and that’s what I think I’ll hit”. Given the boost in his earning from 2019, his confidence in his own content is understandable and justified, and statistics favors him at that.

According to a report by Forbes, MrBeast saw a 30% improvement in YouTube earning/views, posting over 3 billion views that earned him around $24 Million. Such numbers proves that MrBeast is right not to take the foot off the gas for 2021 as there is still impending success for him to follow in the coming years.

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