Fans have been questioning Valve on social media and Reddit since the month began.
“When will the battle pass arrive?” has been on everyone’s mind.

But worry not, we finally have the answer.

According to a tweet from Valve’s official DOTA 2 Twitter handle, The International 9 Battle Pass and compendium released on 7th May 2019 (Valve Time, NOT IST).

The patch is expected to drop after the scheduled games at the MDL Paris major end.

The announcement has left everyone brimming with excitement!

Prize Pools for previous TI events:

The prize pool of TI8 was the highest in the history of Esports. But that title belongs to Fortnite now.

Now, we must wait and see if the community and valve to coordinate to beat the last prize pool, maybe cross the 30 Million $ Prize pool set by Epic Games for the Fortnite World Cup.

Keep your wallets ready!