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Team Tamilas picks ex-Hyderabad Hydras BGMI roster

Team Tamilas is back in the BGMI community after they hired the recently relieved roster of Hyderabad Hydras. The roster which was hired was essentially the part of Team Tamilas from the start and was hired by Hyderabad Hydras for a brief period of nine months.

Team Tamilas is one of the oldest mobile gaming rosters in the country. They had a dominating PUBG Mobile team that showcased the prowess of South India on the regional stage. Team Tamilas had made some great impact before their roster was hired by Hyderabad Hydras.

Hyderabad Hydras recently announced that they have parted ways with their entire BGMI division, including Vaadhiyaar, who is the owner of Team Tamilas. Soon after this move was officially announced, Team Tamilas made a comeback into the scene.

While talking about their move back to the roots, Vaadhiyaar, the owner of Team Tamilas stated that “lions are back to their den.”

He also stated players will be playing upcoming events under the banner of Team Tamilas. As BGMI is currently banned in the country, there is strong chance that Team Tamilas will be competing in New State in the near future.

Team Tamilas is creating a lot of hype right now and stating that this is “calm before the storm” implying that they are going to make a big move very soon. We speculate that some form of collaboration is right around the corner. The comments from Team Tamilas also imply that an official PUBG New State event is about to be announced.


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