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CSGO Match Making Rank Reset Explained

Players of CS:GO have struggled for a significant amount of time with a ranked matchmaking system that was not functioning properly. No need to be concerned, the changes have arrived.

Advancing up the organizational ladder was a task that required a lot of effort for a while. In the majority of other games, this would be the result of a lack of ability on your part or poor performance by a teammate. However, CS:GO was plagued by a flawed system that made it extremely challenging to progress through the rankings.

Because there are so many first-time players in the game, they are placed in lobbies with more experienced players, which results in a significant skill difference in the game. However, this skill difference is not the result of high-level players “smurfing,” but rather the flawed design of the system.

The adjustment did not include many specifics, yet it was referred to as a recalibration anyway. A readjustment that was much required. A significant number of the game’s best players were forced to compete in the lower divisions. With this adjustment, we can only hope that ranks will more appropriately reflect actual skill levels.

When you log in after this update for the first time after it has been applied, you will see that your ranking has been removed. Don’t worry; the only requirement is that you win one of the games. One victory is all that is required, yet it could take as many as ten games to accomplish this goal.

After you have won one game, the rank assigned to you should reflect your skill level more accurately. Because this change is already live, you should check your rank and see where you currently stand.

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