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Soul Goblin says MVP Title doesn’t matter if team loses

Soul Goblin, the star player of Team Soul that put the team back on the esports roadmap, recently talked about a few things on his live stream and gave insights about his own performance, the participation of Soul in PMWI and many other topics. Here are the short excerpts.

Goblin is one of the most aggressive players of all time. He is a newly rising star and community has stated that he might be playing a little more aggressively than needed. He addressed this point on his stream and mentioned that he is trying to keep his in-game aggression in check.

He mentioned that his overcommitment is one of the things that the player is personally working on and he has urged his fans to expect a slow improvement rather than a fast one.

While talking about his own performance and that of Team Soul, he mentioned that the MVP title that he may gain in a tournament holds no value if the team is not winning. The MVP is a cherry on top if Team Soul wins the tournament.

He also asked his fans to stop comparing himself to any of his teammate in term of kills or performance. He stated that all of those kills ultimately contribute towards the team points and it does not matter where they come from.

Ultimately, he spoke about Team Soul and their participation in PMWI 2022. Team Soul had won BMPS 2022 to gain a seeding slot at PMWI 2022 but their participation is uncertain, following the BGMI ban in India.

He said that Krafton has not clarified about his team’s participation at this global event. This means that there is no clarity about this issue yet.

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