Earlier today, E-frag.net released the group draws of the upcoming The World Championship CS:GO’s sixth qualifier for South Asian teams which had a total of 14 teams competing for 3 available slots and Nepal being drawn on the stronger group.

In a discussion over the impact the draws will make on the performances, Dipesh Tulhadar, Manager, Team Nepal quoted: “I still belive in my boys, they will make Nepal proud.”

Team Nepal was recently drawn and organized in the group along side the much stronger opponents Indonesia and Philippines, and they will be playing their matches on 1st of September, facing first Indonesians and the latter in their next match. Dipesh, who is a cafe owner at Nepal and looks after the infrastructural support and equipment for Team Nepal was unshaken by the announcements of opponents who feels that their passion towards the game will help them play a lot better, even after such strong rosters.

The now final roster of Team Nepal: hzY, GhOsT, LiaR, VerTeX, envY, (with Cake and Zeref as subs)

During the announcement of Team Nepal, as one of the 14 South-Asian teams competing for The World Championship, we interviewed Pranjalraj Ghimire, IGL, Team Nepal and got his optimistic views on the participation. On asking questions about the draws he quoted: “I will surely work on the feedback on what we did right/wrong during our game which will only make us better.”

“We want to see how good we are in comparison to the other nations, I think Philippines and Indonesia will be the perfect opponents to test our skills.”, added Pranjal ‘hzY’ Ghimire, IGL, Team Nepal.