Team Mahi win Qualifier 3 of ESPL Valorant PowerUp India

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Team Mahi have powered up once again, this time by winning the Third Qualifier of ESPL Valorant PowerUp India and sealing their spot in the Main event.

The rebranded organization were up against it in the Grand Finals of Qualifier #3 against Paratroops, with the latter taking Ascent away from Team Mahi 13-8, thanks to their luscious attacking play and some clutch moments from Harshvardhan ‘Kuzuri’ Singh Panwar and Shreyas ‘Edit99’ Kshirsagar towards the end of the map.

However, the best team in India upped the ante and proved why they own the aforementioned tag as they demolished Paratroops on Bind 13-3 and earned a nearly unassailable lead on the Attack side on Haven before sealing the map with a 13-7 scoreline, clutching the series 2-1 to emerge triumphant in the Qualifier.

Despite the defeat, Paratroops earned commiseration from a 10,000 strong audience over the English and Hindi streams on Skyesports’ YouTube channel for their performance against the best of the best the Indian competitive Valorant scene has to offer.

Along with Team Mahi and Paratroops, White Shadows Esports and the newly acquired Enigma Gaming roster etched their name in the Main Event of the ESPL Valorant PowerUp India. The other teams that have already booked them from the previous Qualifiers are Reckoning Esports, GodLike Esports, Global Esports, XTZ Esports, Tempest, Team Tamilas, Biriyani Power, and NaCly.

There is only one qualifier left, with registrations for the fourth and last Qualifier for ESPL Valorant PowerUp India open till January 31, 2021. The fourth Qualifier also has four slots on offer and will also feature the four Valorant Stars teams that will be built through an auction among the designated captains on January 30, 2021.

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