Image via Fnatic

Team Fnatic is on a roll today on the 2nd day of PMPL Scrims Season 3 where teams from Group A are going against the teams from Group C. Let’s uncover everything that team Fnatic pulled off in today’s matches.

Photo via PUBGM

Starting from Game 1 in Erangle, in a fight against team GodLike, 3 players from team Fnatic were knocked down and Sc0utOp was the only player remaining. Sc0ut pulled off a 1v3 clutch and was able to revive all his teammates. Team Fnatic took a total of 9 kills in that game. Game 2 in Sanhok didn’t go well for team Fnatic as they got wiped out with 0 kills and were not able to secure a good position.


However, things got spicy from Game 3 in Miramar where team Fnatic was able to secure a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” for themselves with 15 kills thanks to fragging skills of Sc0ut & Owais and god-level sniping from FNC_Franky. (Yes, god level, specially that flickshot with AWM in 4v4 against team Synergy). In the Game 4 in Vikendi, team Fnatic swapped in FNC_Ash for FNC_Frank; they lost their igl(in-game leader) Owais early on. But it was Ronak, Ash and Sc0ut that took the team to the very end. Combined team effort and synergised performance was on display from team Fnatic, and that helped them secure another WWCD with a total 12kills.

In Game 4, team Fnatic was able to secure 6th position with kills. We could clearly see Sc0ut in full aggression, connecting all his sprays and putting his excellent fragging skills on display. Sc0utOP was using an AKM with a 4 times scope which is not seen often in competitive PUBG Mobile tournament matches. Team Fnatic ended their day 1 in PMPL Scrims Season 3 with a total of 90 points including 40 kills, Sc0utOp being the leading fragger with 15 kills. Will we see the same performance from them tomorrow? Can’t wait to see them in action again when teams from Group B go up against teams of Group C. Bigetron RA (BTS) stands at the top currently with 155 points from all their 10 games, however, Fnatic is yet to play their other 5 games.