TE UNROLL: Sixless and the Indian PUBG Mobile drama explained

Who is Sixless? What was the drama that was created by him & how it ended up affecting his professional career? What was the end result? Let’s sum-up everything for you at a glance!

Brandon Cole ‘Sixless’ Patterson used to be one of the members of Could 9’s PUBG Mobile squad. A big drama stirred between the India PUBG Mobile community and Sixless; let’s go deeper into the entire controversy.

At first, just some argument took place between Sixless and PUBG Mobile fans from India. Soul Aman was the first one to take a closer look at it, he then decided to talk about Sixless and called him out on the stream.

After this incident, C9’s Sixless posted several stories on his Instagram handle where he insulted the whole India PUBG Mobile community. This made the Indian fans really angry who then replied to Sixless on all the social platforms.

Sixless starting the fight with Indian PUBG Mobile community through his Instagram stories // Photo via AFK Gaming
Photo via AFK Gaming

Sixless mentioning that players like Scout, Jonathan, Daljit are the only worthy individuals that can represent India in PUBG Mobile on an international level. He then shared his opinion regarding who is better from XQF’s Paraboy & SouL’s Mortal. He in fact insulted Mortal and entire Team SouL by mocking them for getting 12th place in the last PMCO by saying “FNC and Entity are the only good teams who can do anything internationally, the rest of them will just end up at the 12th position every time.

Sixless making fun of Indian PUBG Mobile fans for being toxic & mindless // Photo via AFK Gaming

This was surely going to lead to outrage among the Indian PUBG Mobile fans who as an end result decided to spam hate comments on Sixless’s social handles.

Although we somewhere feel Sixless did had a valid point when he mentioned about Indian PUBG Mobile community being toxic at times especially during the poor performance of Team SouL in PMCO. I am sure there are many instanced where Indian PUBG Mobile community gets toxic and starts spreading hate (one instance is Scout v/s Mortal controversy) and we are sure you all must be aware about many more of these.

Many known personalities from Indian PUBG Mobile reacted on this controversy. As a result, this is what it ended up with.

While the decision has already been made, everyone in the PUBG Mobile community should use this as a learning experience.

Writer’s Note: Requesting everyone to respect the player’s privacy and not bombard him with taunts, questions or any hateful messages at this time.

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