Cloud9 remove sixless from PUBG Mobile roster after Instagram controversy involving Indian players

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Brandon “Sixless” Patterson, a player of Cloud9’s PUBG Mobile squad has been removed from the team following his stint with the Indian community. Brandon insulted India’s top player, Mortal along with Team Soul in a series of controversial content posted by him on social media. He also lashed out at the Indian community itself calling Indian fans as fickle-minded and toxic.

Cloud 9 has released a statement making it clear that this sort of behavior is against their expectations of policies and in turn, they have decided to remove” Sixless” from their active roster.

Photo via AFK Gaming

Brandon’s trash talk and bad attitude handed him a one-way ticket out of North America’s best PUBG Mobile squad. Indians did not take this issue lightly as Brandon is being criticized all over social media for his brash behavior. His inbox and comments section is full of Indian fans defending the players who were being targeted by Brandon.

Nothing justifies his actions but we, as Indians can make efforts to not prove him right. Letting go of the matter and moving on to focus on the positive sides of the community is the best way. By trolling, hating and being toxic over the internet, we will just end up proving “Sixless” right.

This plague of toxicity has haunted the gaming community for countless years and no organization or game developer can find a solution for this as the responsibility lies on the people’s shoulders.

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  1. […] 当为Cloud9效力的北美PUBG Mobile职业选手Brandon Cole“ Sixless” Patterson与Team Soul和Mortal一起在印度社区受到强烈抨击时,爆发了广泛的争议。此事引起了移动世界中每个印度人的注意,人们竭尽全力使Sixless意识到自己的错误。 Cloud 9发表了一项声明,表示他们因其不当行为而将其从组织中移除。 […]

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