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Summit1g apologizes for comments made against AAA game developers

Veteran Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has apologized for a string of comments he made against multiplayer game developers for not investing enough resources for the betterment of their anti-cheat.

Cheaters are nothing new to multiplayer titles and gamers often tend to lose their cool when they are up against one. Even after investing years into competitive gaming, Summit seems to be still annoyed by the presence of cheaters and he took the same annoyance to Twitter where he called out the developers for not investing enough resources in developing an anti-cheat that will eliminate all cheaters.

“Why do Triple game studios still have problems with cheaters? I just don’t understand how you’re ok with letting your game and consumers get shit on. Invest some fucking money.” read his Tweet. However, his statement drew a wedge, diving the community between the ones who agreed with him while others that sided with the developers.

Sony Santa Monica’s developer/writer Alanah Pearce was debated saying “Because it is extremely difficult (impossible in some cases) to prevent. It doesn’t mean devs are okay with it and it doesn’t mean a lot of money isn’t consistently being invested. Game development is pretty hard, turns out :).”.

After a series of comments, Summit apologized stated “I know devs are doing their best, I apologize for the asshole comment. Just gets a lil frustrating :].”. Before acknowledging his mistake, Summit pointed out the excellence of Riot Games in keeping cheaters out of Valorant.

Summit served as an example to streaming legends like Shroud other than being an important voice in the streaming community, so his Tweets are bound to get enough attention that will reach out to the devs. However, cheaters have existed in the past and will keep on existing, games like CSGO and COD Warzone are plagued with cheaters that have forced players to switch games, thus Summit’s frustration is reasonable enough.

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