Study Finds CSGO To Be the Most Exciting Esport To Play

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Valve’s CSGO is arguably one of the biggest esports FPS titles on the planet right now with almost 800k daily active players playing the game daily. While the game is almost 10 years old now, the popularity of the game has risen over time, the core gameplay and tense competitive games have remained true to the 25-year-old franchise.

According to a study by Quantic Foundry which included a survey of 140,000 gamers, CSGO reigns supreme as the most exciting game to play. CSGO ranks as number one among popular titles, above even MOBA esports games like Dota2, LoL, Heroes of Storm, etc.

CSGO Is The Most Exciting Esport To Play

The data analysis and information related to the study were released as part of a broader analysis of popular games that are actively being played daily. The company also created a graph with an axis for excitement and another for strategy. Games were placed based on how players rated them.

Games that demand long-term thinking and slow decision-making are labeled strategic. Fast-paced games with on-the-fly options and high mechanical requirements are deemed exciting.

Gamers consistently rated CSGO the most exciting esport game thanks to its frequent stressful situations and fast-paced reactions. Another study conducted back in 2021 also concluded that CSGO is the most relaxing esport title to play. 

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