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Streamer AverageHarry accuses Twitch of hypocrisy

Streamer AverageHarry was handed a permanent ban after it was revealed that his account was created before the age of 13, following which Twitch was accused of hypocrisy as other streamers with similar accounts were treated differently.

Twitch has informed AverageHarry about the possibility of vacating his current account as he was 13 at the time of creation which is against their terms. Fast forward two years, he is 15 now which is insufficient for Twitch to let him have his way with the account, rather they asked him to recreate an account and start over which left him in tears as all the effort he put in for the past two years is about to go in vain.


The minimum criteria to make partner:

  • Complete the Path to Partner achievement to demonstrate large, engaged viewership/following on other services.
  • Broadcast content that conforms to our Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and DMCA Guidelines.
  • Those who complete Path to Partner should be able to maintain the criteria set forth in the achievement on a consistent basis.

However, the post did mention that these are the “minimum criteria” and that they look for more things in a streamer before they uplift them to Partner status from Affiliate. One of those things that Twitch looks for is the age that AverageHarry lacks.

After he was denied partnership, Twitch had already made him aware of this, but the controversy surfaced when it was revealed that another popular streamer in TommyInnit was given a different treatment given the fact his account was created when he was aged 11. A redditor pointed it out for us, while exposing the hypocrisy on the side of Twitch.

Now its up to Twitch to either make their platform fair for everyone or keep their reputation as tarnished as it is now. There is no doubt that Harry’s case was unfairly judged. With the recent information that came to light, Twitch are getting blasted by fans for the difference in their treatment, the most reasonable outcome would be return Harry his account and restructure their bylaws.

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