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Streamer Assassin Dave and Wild Rift Competitive announce ‘Wild Rift Asia League’

A League of Legends: Wild Rift tournament is announced by Wild Rift Competitive in the partnership with famous streamer Assassin Dave. This tournament is titled as Wild Rift Asia League and is mainly a competitive event for the Southeast Asian teams. It is sponsored by streaming site Trovo and a total of $7000 is up for grabs.

Wild Rift is growing exponentially and while the game is still in its open beta stage, the competitive side of this title has started to emerge. Several small scale events have started taking place and an invitational tournament named ‘Pentaboom’ was hosted by Riot itself.

Wild Rift Asia League is also a relatively big event for Wild Rift. In this tournament, a total of 24 teams can participate and the winner has a chance to win a total amount of $3000 after competing for four weeks. This is a big push to encourage Wild Rift esports in the Asian region.

Wild Rift Asia League Details:


In the open qualifiers stage, teams can fill out the form given in the post below but it has an eligibility criterion. The team and its players need to be diamond or above in the Season 0 ranked games. A total of 24 teams can participate through this stage and they will be divided into four groups. Top sixteen teams participating in this stage will move to the groups.

In the groups stage, teams will face against one another in a round robin format. The 16 teams will be distributed into groups of four and after completion of these matches, the top eight will move to the playoff stages.

In the playoff stage, teams will face one another in a double elimination format after which, the semi-finals will be hosted. After reaching grand finale, the top two competitors will face against one another in a gruesome best of seven match format. The winner at the end will get the lion’s share and bragging rights of this tournament.

Prize pool distribution:

The prize pool will be distributed as given below:

PositionWinning Amount
1st $3000

This tournament will also feature a massive giveaway of 50,000 wild cores. Wild Core is the in-game currency in Wild Rift and players can use it to buy champions and several cosmetic items like champion skins, recall animations and more.

Wild Rift Asia League will be live on Trovo for the entirety of its several stages and participating teams also have an obligation to have at least one player streaming the match on this site.

These are the details about Wild Rift Asia League so catch the action throughout this month and witness the grand finale on 7th February 2021.

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