LOL Esports commits to bring Wild Rift Esports in 2021

League of Legends has just teased their extensive plans for this decade and in one of the announcements, the LOL Esports Team has officially committed to bring the competitive League experience to its mobile version. In a social media post, LOL Esports has declared that Wild Rift will begin its esports journey in 2021.

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League of Legends is one of the biggest esports title in the entire world. The level of production, competition and sheer experience remains unmatched to any other esports title. League of Legends has been a big hit in the last decade and Riot Games planned to bring the same experience on a portable platform. As a result, League of Legends: Wild Rift came into existence.

Wild Rift was one of the most anticipated games to be launched in 2020 and despite being delayed due to pandemic, the progress has been commendable in the past few months. Wild Rift has rolled out the open beta testing in December and added almost each and every region except Americas to the list.

This game has been a huge success and in this new year, the Wild Rift team plans on increasing the quality and user experience of this title. In addition to bringing constructive changes to the game, a huge announcement has been made by LOL Esports social media handle.

LOL Esports has shared that they are planning to expand the League of Legends esports on its mobile counterpart. The plans are not revealed yet but it has been stated that a further announcements will be made this year. The video also teased the League of Legends World Championship trophy at the very end to highlight the pinnacle of League esports.

The epicenter of this competition is going to be Southeast Asian region. SEA has been predominately involved in mobile esports for a long time and MOBA genre is one of the favorites. LOL Esports is planning to host several local tournaments for the SEA region in March and then, local winners will gather in April and fight against each other to become the champions in Southeast Asian region. This announcement is said to be a preview of other regional and global events that will take place in Wild Rift Esports this year.

League of Legends has achieved commendable feats with their esports journey in the past ten years and with that experience, the team has promised to expand in the mobile game. The expectations for competitive Wild rift is very high and the fanbase can certainly be excited to receive a delightful surprise till the end of this year.