Liquid to trial JUGi for Valorant Roster


According to reports, former CSGO player Jakob “JUGi” Hansen is giving trials for Team Liquid for their Valorant roster. JUGi was a part of Team Astralis for three months where his performance was average and he was later released by the team in July 2020.

He recently posted a tweet where he told his long journey of CSGO and how far he had come in his esports career. Although he said that he was looking for a team but did not actually specify the game, which means he is open for offers for both the games.

Team Liquid has not yet released any official statement confirming this and it is unclear what will happen to their current lineup as they have been getting mixed results in their recent tournaments including the defeat from Team Heretics in the first round of First Strike: Europe.

We have already seen how professional players shifting to Valorant have found success in their esports career and it will be quite interesting to see how JUGi performs in this game compared to Counter Strike.