League of Legends: Wild Rift to enter open beta stages

LOL: Wild Rift is finally set to open in its first open beta testing after about an year of its launch. The game will finally be available to public but for selective few regions. The open beta will be heavily based in Asian region for now.

In their latest announcement, it is confirmed that Wild Rift will enter its first open beta testing. The regions that will be included in open beta are similar to those that were included in closed beta testing with an addition of Japan and South Korea.

LOL: Wild Rift is one of the most anticipated mobile games for this year and was hyped for a long time. Announcement of its very first alpha testing was made some months ago and the game in progressing in a positive direction. Wild Rift could be said as the best MOBA game for mobile and will have an evolving esports side attached to itself.

Wild Rift will enter open beta testing for Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand. After this testing, the game is promised to open testings for Europe, Oceania, Taiwan and Vietnam till December this year. The game also will launch in Americas till Spring 2021.

Responding to the overwhelming response of the community, Riot games will offer exclusive rewards to those who own a pre-existing LOL account and equivalent rewards will be gifted to players who have created a new Riot Games ID.

Riot Games is bringing the authentic League of Legends experience to mobile and adding more and more champions to the pool. The game has added various skins and some iconic champions like Evelynn, Lee Sin, Akali, Kai’sa, Darius, Draven and Seraphine to the game. The KDA stars will make a debut in Wild Rift through the open beta testings.

Overall, it is confirmed that LOL: Wild Rift is fully packed to make a name for themselves in the mobile gaming scene. Considering that the game is a derivative of popular PC esports title League of Legends, its mobile version will also make a huge impact on mobile esports scenario around the world, and mainly in the SEA region.