Stewie’s Steam account hacked during CSGO Berlin Major playoffs

The hacker took control of stewie2k’s account and locked him out of it completely his account was hacked on the eve of his StarLadder Major Berlin Playoffs.

At around 5:10 CT, Stewie2k tweeted that someone hacked his Steam account and he was not able to do anything, he was totally locked out of it. He was unsure if he touched something or clicked on some suspicious link.

Stewie2k mentioned his account was hacked even after using two-factor authentication / Mobile Authentication. The hacker had locked stewie2k out of his account.

In another tweet Stewie congratulated the hacker saying “Hats off for the hacker,” the Liquid player said. “Dedicated your life for these things…got what you want. Seems like (the CSGO devs) got it all under control though.”

Seems like Stewie might lose on his expensive and rare skins from his profile for the time being but for now CSGO Dev’s have it all under control. Stewie2k does have his ID Back!